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The Sun Came Up... and I didn't even schedule it.

An April morning in 2019, and I am enjoying the quiet of a local bed & breakfast called The Timbrook Guesthouse. My sweet husband blessed me with a night away. I cried. On the front porch as I was leaving he placed a hundred dollar bill in my hand. I had prepared to pay for the night with fees from the life-coaching I do. He looked in my eyes and said,"Please just spend it on something you enjoy..." I know it may seem foolish but when you are a mother and a wife, a self employed business owner you know the value of every penny in that hundred. I thanked him and knew I would have to shake off a sense of guilt for taking it.

I grabbed a carry out meal from our favorite Japanese Steakhouse in Dublin, Ohio and awaited a callback from the Timbrook House. I had seen a picture of their East Wing suite complete with a balcony and soaking tub. If it was taken I would find a hotel, but was hopeful for a unique experience. I got the call and headed that way.

I was an adopted, only child growing up... I didn't have the dynamics of a loud house with a lot of activity and siblings. I read a lot. I walked in the woods a lot. I talked to God a lot. Yet, as an adult I had my first three children all from age 19 to my early 20's.... and my last child five years ago in my late 30's. My home is always bustling and loud. I am thankful for it all. Thankful for every child I have been given. Thankful for a loving, supportive and strong husband I married nearly seven years ago. Thankful for the family. Thankful for the students and families that fill my home half the week for private music lessons. Thankful for those who call on me for life-coaching. Thankful for the acoustic shows I get to perform with my husband every week...

There is momentum. It's good momentum. My personal life and my professional life is very scheduled. Established. Routine. I find joy in it somewhere nearly every day... and still somehow I forget to schedule down time. Real down time. Don't get me wrong... I can do that at home as well. The last time I took an overnight trip by myself may have been 2010... I have written it. It doesn't even seem right. Nine years ago? ugh. Thank you to my husband Dan, again for sending me.

When I pulled into the drive, there is a gazebo type building under construction. Instead of a rooster on the weather vain... a whale donned the top of the building. A whale may not seem profound to you... but for me it was confirmation. I have had several whale dreams in the past year. A woman from Ohio, who's never been whale watching... let alone be in the ocean, called deeper in the vivid dreams by a blue whale. I took it as a sweet sign that I was in the right place.

I was the only guest for the night and was welcomed by the owners, Jill and Pete. Pete met me at my vehicle and carried in my bag, asking where I was from. Upon entering the house, I stood in the foyer and chatted with them. I communicated just the need of a mom and busy lady to take a break. They were simply kind and amazing. Walking in to the East Wing suite, the fireplace mantle had a whale and a dove... I used to raise mourning doves, as they have been close to my heart since childhood.

Last night, I was able to relax and enjoy the soaking tub and did some reading and writing before falling asleep. This morning,